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Thank you for your interest in the Business Council of Canada and Nevada (BCCN).  The Council’s singular purpose is to increase bilateral business dealings between Canada and Nevada – this is accomplished simply by maintaining and strategically tapping the strongest connections in every major industry.

Who We Are:

Richard is a native Nevadan who  dedicated 14 years to representing his community as an elected official in the Nevada State Legislature – 12 of those years were spent in leadership and he is the state’s second-longest serving Speaker of the Assembly, having held the top office for six years.  Richard also enjoyed a successful career in law enforcement, retiring as the Chief of Police for the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, NV.   Following his distinguished careers in public service, Richard went on to found The Perkins Company, a pre-eminent public relations firm through which he maintains relationships at the highest levels in Nevada government and industries.

Sasha brings to the table a wealth of experience in international affairs and a passion for Canada, having worked at both the Consulate General in Minnesota and at the Embassy in Washington, D.C.  In these capacities, her primary responsibility was to facilitate relationships between Canadian entities and their U.S. counterparts.  Following her service to the Canadian government, Sasha oversaw the international relations program at the Council of State Governments, an association dedicated to developing inter-jurisdiction relationships through the sharing of best practices in a multitude of business and policy fields.  She continues to enjoy close relationships on both sides of the border.

About the BCCN:

The BCCN is a deal and transaction-oriented business council.  Based in Nevada, the Council supports the hundreds of Canadian operations in Nevada and is uniquely positioned to facilitate high-level introductions and networking for Canadian companies interested in establishing and expanding a presence in the Silver State.  The Council is sanctioned by both the State of Nevada and the Canadian Government and is the premier organization promoting cross-border business between Canada and Nevada.

What We Do:

The Business Council of Canada and Nevada is committed to creating and enhancing networking opportunities in addition to accelerating significant investment, job creation, tourism, and bilateral trade between Canada and Nevada.

The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in the Canada-Nevada partnership and the stage is set to continue this trajectory as both jurisdictions continue to harness resources and further developments in a variety of cutting-edge fields.  The council promotes and facilitates that growth by assisting, influencing, and educating at the highest levels of corporate decision-making in the private sector and with governmental entities on both sides of the border.

BCCN efforts over the next three years will focus on:

  • Increase Foreign Direct Investment between Canada and Nevada
  • Increase Trade between Canada and Nevada
  • Increase Tourism between Canada and Nevada


Membership is available on a limited basis – each application will be evaluated based on select qualifications, including company-readiness for growth, and commitment to playing an important strategic role alongside our limited group of 100 members.


richard-perkinsRichard D. Perkins

Founder and CEO

sasha-sutcliffe-stephensonSasha Sutcliffe-Stephenson

Strategic Advisor


Business Council of Canada and Nevada

Conseil des affaires canadiennes en Nevada

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